Can you present yourself in a few words ? Where do you come from and what is your background ? D’où viens-tu ?


" My name is Marcus and I had the privilege of growing up in a Sweden a lot saner than what it is today."


You are known on the internet as The Golden One: who is it and why did you chose this name?


" The Golden One is a title I claimed for myself. It was the most heroic and inspiring name of a title I could think about. Ever since claiming it I have strived to be worthy of it. Gold is incorruptible, I also strive to be incorruptible."


How did your project start in the first place and how did it evolve to become what it is today ?


" My YouTube (and other social media) started as a fitness account and with time I started talking about relevant social issues. The migrant crisis of 2015 was a catalyst for switching focus. By that time I decided it was reasonable to speak out against what is being done to Europe.

My main focus as of late has been on self-improvement. Great societal change must always start with oneself, so I try to give people (primarily men) the necessary knowledge to live better lives."



Can you tell us a bit more about your current activity and the main goals you are after ? What do you think you can bring to people discovering you ?


" My main goals are to grow my businesses, Legio Gloria and Jotunheim Nutrition, in addition to getting as many people as possible to read my book Dauntless.

Dauntless contains all advice I would like to give to any young man in the Modern World. So instead of having someone watch through all of my videos, it is more straight-forward for them to access the teachings in a book.

The long-term goal is to enact regime change in Sweden. Hopefully in concert with regime-changes all over Western Europe.

Hopefully people who discover me can find some aspects of my teachings that they can successfully incorporate into their lives."


What are your main sources of inspiration ? Who or what have had a big influence on you ?

" Great sources of inspiration have always been classical art, myths and historical individuals. Aesthetically speaking I always wanted to look like an ancient statue, a Greek or Nordic demigod. Historical individuals such as Charles Martel and Napoleon have also served as inspirations to pursue a heroic path."


Can you tell us more about the meta-political aspect of your channel ? What is, broadly, your take on the current political situation in Europe?


" My primary aim with my metapolitical message is to get as many Europeans as possible (including people in the colonies) to identify as European. When they identify as belonging to a magnificent civilisation instead of just rootless individuals, they will be more likely to act in a way that serves the regeneration of European civilisation."


On your channel, you stress the importance of physical appearance and post a lot of content about bodybuilding, combat sports and physical training. Why do you think physical exercise is so important for western men ?


" The mind and body are one. A healthy mind in a healthy body. Except for the purely health-based reasons, there are two more significant reasons for Western men to train today:

  1. In a culture war, the one with the best aesthetics wins. Creating an attractive culture starts with attractive people. No one wants to be associated with big bellies and poorly dressed and anti-social individuals
  2. A young European man is seen as a potential target by the imported hostile elements (from the MENA-region). Learning how to defend yourself and others is of paramount importance. Europe is not as safe as it was 50 years ago. We have gone from an idyll to Gotham City.


You have created your own brand producing apparel in Europe with designs inspired by our heritage, as well as a brand selling supplements for athlete, can you tell us a few words about these projects and in which way they are related to your goals?


" There are a few different aspects to running a business. First and foremost, it feels great to actively participate in the cause of bringing back manufacturing to Europe. Outsourcing production to other powers (potential rivals), such as China, is hardly a sustainable strategy if we want to have a strong Europe. Furthermore, it feels good to present clothing that are made by manufacturers who do not rely on semi-slave labour (as is often the case with clothing made in the Third World)

Moreover, it is good to showcase entrepreneurial, administrative and leadership skills when seeking to pursue a political goal later in life."



What can you say to our French speaking audience on the current situation in Sweden ? Do you foresee a change in the mainstream opinion about subjects such as immigration and in identity ?


" There has already been a rather large shift in public opinion. In 2010 it was still a big taboo to talk about immigration as something negative. Now it is commonplace to talk about the ills of mass immigration from the MENA-region

The identity part is a bit harder, since many people are quite individualist, and do not feel overly attached to a national identity. In my view, it is more useful to talk about identity on a civilisational scale. Guillaume Faye talked about bioculture, this a concept I find highly valuable.

So instead of only talking about Swedish identity we can talk about European civilisation and bioculture. It is easier to understand, especially since most European countries (particularly in Western Europe) are quite similar, and face similar problems."



What are your plans for the future and what can we expect from you in the next month or even next years ?


" My current focus on a personal level is to take care of my family, and perhaps to make some additional children 😊

On a metapolitical level I have another book which will be out sometime next year. And Dauntless will be translated into French.

Regarding Legio Gloriawe will continue to develop and release new clothes, especially more formal wear.

Due to the successes of this year’s releases, we are in a position to bring a lot of new products to the line next year. Good times ahead!"


If you could recommend one book, one song and one film, what would it be and why?



" I would recommend my own Dauntlesswhich, as mentioned above, will come in a French edition next year.

A song recommendation would be I, Caligvla by Ex Deo, not necessarily because of the lyrics but because it is great to train to.

In terms of film recommendations, I would go with the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Highly inspiring!"



Where can we follow you and on which social media are you the most active ?



" I am mainly active on Instagram, Telegram, Twitter and YouTube.

On Instagram I post everyday stuff, including training etc

On Telegram I post more political stuff. On Twitter I post shorter comments, either sharing beautiful pictures of architecture or political comments.

YouTube is my biggest platform and where I put in the most effort. I usually post one or two videos a week."


Un dernier mot pour conclure cet entretien ?


" I salute my French brethren. I have always held France and the French in high esteem, especially in a historical context.

Stay strong, and do not forget that it is never too late to turn the tide!"